When you start a conference like the European Wine Bloggers Conference, which gains traction and fans, it’s only a matter of time that others begin to find ways to attach their brand to the event; whereby giving added value to the participants (most the time). This is exactly why we founded this conference! We love to see the community grow and expand well past what we can offer, and in turn, push the envelope as to what the EWBC truly stands for (community ingenuity and innovation).

This year, we have a few people helping out in their own way, and we just want to give a quick shout out to them:

  • WineEverybody – Wine Everybody is a project based in France and led by the wine web agency Vinternet since 2009. This year, you can follow the EWBC at this link, where they will provide a wide range of updates and information!
  • Wine by the Bar – We have an iPhone app! :) Well sort of. The couple over at Wine By the Bar have used the Adegga database, and the amazing code called the “AVIN”, to create an iPhone, iTouch, iPad app that you can download and use. Download it onto your iPhone and see what you think.
  • Adegga – You’ll be hearing a lot more about these guys, but this year, they’ve developed the #EWBC wine list and also a mobile site that you can get to on almost any device! Take notes, browse wines, they have them all.
  • WeinWien – Ok, not really a huge help, but still super cool: Wien Wien started a blog with our name on it! Check it out! So far, they still need to clean up some of the default links, but we like the ambition! Gold star for you!
  • Webinars with Burgundy School of Business – If your planning on going to the webinars session on Saturday morning, you might want to sign up here: http://bit.ly/aP2mQM to make sure your an active part of the demonstration. We don’t know all that is planned, but let’s just say they hope to show that Webinars can do plenty to change the wine industry.
  • VinVillage - As a media sponsor they hosted an interview about the EWBC and a bit about Catavino. Thanks for the support!

There may be some rogue projects we’re not even aware of! With over 30 countries represented this year, ingenuity across borders is pulsing, but due to language barriers, we might just might now know about them.

If you have an EWBC project that you’re working on for your local community, please let us know. We’d love to hear about it!

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  • http://twitter.com/wineeverybody Wine Everybody!

    Thanks for the shout-out. The EWBC page on Wine Everybody aggregates everything that talks about EWBC from blogs, twitter profiles, Facebook fan pages, youTube channels, Flickr accounts, etc. everything that has an RSS feed in fact. As to avoid spamming on this page we manually check the sources. We already have over 2000 registered. If yours not in yet, hurry to register (it's free;-))

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