ewbcPetroladjusted1We’ve known Jimmy Pons for well over a year now, and beyond being an inspirational leader in both social media and tourism in Spain, he’s also a wonderful and talented artist. Having seen his work using recycled oils, we felt he would be the perfect candidate to not only create a painting for the EWBC, but also to honor our code of conservation by using used oil from either tankers and oil spills.

Having finished his work about a week ago, he’s donated the piece to the EWBC as a means of honoring our project. We’ve also made his work available to the participants on a high quality paper that will be available at the EWBC.

But for now, allow me to had the mic over to Jimmy:

Why did you support the EWBC?

The European Wine Bloggers Conference is a fantastic project, and one that I’ve supported since its inception. Why? Because wine is a social product. Whether you drink it among friends, store it like a rare treasure in your cellar or imbibe it out in the open air with a large mound of freshly grilled lamb chops, it is always used as the catalyst to share a story. And in order to be successful in social media, you need to be a good storyteller, one who expresses their experiences with their emotions, unfettered by vulnerability. Consequently, the canvas was created to reward wine bloggers around the world for bringing social media into the wine world.

What is Petrolart?

Petrolart is an ecoart initiative to bring awareness as to our impact on the world. By using recycled oil from tankers and oil spills, this artwork is an expression of how we all can make better choices to leave the planet in a healthier state for generations to come.

What does your canvas signify and why did you create it for the EWBC?

The foundation of the canvas is painted with wine from Peru. The gold color is a representation of both the value we place on wine, a respected and valued treasure, as well as the value we place on oil. Finally, within each circle, I have written the word for wine in a variety of languages, conveying the importance of communication. Therefore, the canvas in meant to express our connection internationally through social media using wine at its base.

What do you hope that the participants at the EWBC take away from your piece of art?

Art is another way to bring a message visually to the bloggers, in much the same way they do themselves through their photos, videos, blog posts etc. As a blogger, I am well aware of the importance of creativity when you want to convey a message, so I hope they can see that my piece is made with a “Blogger’s Spirit”, from a person who belives that web 2.0 is a great way to connect with people in a very motivational and positive way.

As you unfortunately cannot join us at the EWBC, is there anything you would like to share with the participants?

From Spain, I would like to send encouragement for you to continue blogging and communicating about the wonders of wine, allowing us to learn and grow through you. It is only a matter of time before people will see that social media is a perfect tool to get in touch with wine aficionados in the wine world.

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