After the fact ...

After the fact ...

Wow! That was … intense!

We are all just getting home after a most amazing, fun packed, information rich and simply breathtakingly exciting weekend of wine, discussion sessions, networking trips and tastings. What more could anyone wish for?

120 or so bloggers from all over the globe in one hotel, in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal, and some stunning wines from around that country and beyond, is way beyond any dreams we might have had when we started this Wine Bloggers’ Conference adventure.

We will be writing all sorts of follow-up posts here and on our own blogs, linking to all the different perspectives that our many friends will have had on the event. However, for now let us say, as organisers, that the bloggers, both first-timers and seasoned veterans of past events, were brilliant. The sense of community was palpable, and the wines from Portugal and other participating countries, shone.

We will, in time, thank all our wonderful sponsors, the hotel, the restaurants, the people of Lisbon and Portugal, but for now, we all need to rest, recover and ponder – how can I express what I gained this weekend? The answers to that question will be many, and varied, and I guarantee they will be interesting.

Thank you all, and stay in touch! There are great plans afoot for the future!

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