We are excited to announce that the EWBC – Digital Wine Communications Conference Press Trips has been officially announced!!

What was called the EWBC Pre and Post Trips have had a small name change to Press Trips.The reason for the name change is that we strongly believe that digital media is also part of “the Press”, which clearly includes us! Therefore, to communicate the value of your time, energy and resulting content to our generous sponsors, we have changed the name to suit the high caliber of attendees participating on the trips.

This year’s registration process will differ from previous years in that we ask all of you to please fill out the application form below. The form will help us allocate the very limited spaces for each press trip. This process has been created per the request of participants from previous years to help speed up the process and ensure fair distribution, and with the input of the regions which host us each year.

Please read the following information carefully.

  • From July 17th to July  23rd applications will be accepted for all trips.
  • You will only be allowed to participate on 1 trip
  • You will be allowed to select up to 3 trips that you want to participate on.
  • In total, there will be approximately 50 spots available to attend a press trip this year.
  • We will work with the regional sponsors to fill each trip with those who have expressed interest
  • We will try to email you with the results of your application by July 26th

IMPORTANT: The trips are NOT “all inclusive”. PLEASE consider this before registering.

READ CAREFULLY the full details of each trip. If you are selected for a trip and cannot make it, or do not want to attend, we cannot guarantee you another choice. Additionally, more trips may be announced in the future. If this is the case, these trips will be available to those not already registered on a trip.

THURSDAY EVENT: Please note that on Thursday, October 24th, Dinastia Vivanco will be hosting a special event prior to the BYOB Dinner at their winery. If you’re keen to attend, we have ensured that all trips will get you back on time to do so. More information about the event coming soon!

SUNDAY VINEYARD TRIPS: Full day and half day vineyard trips will be announced in the future.

Press Trips Descriptions

TRIP 1: Rioja, Spain

Date: October 22 – 24

Number of Places: 20

Flights: Participants are responsible for arriving to Bilbao by 10:30am on October 22nd. There will be a meeting point at the airport where we will shuttle you to Haro. On the 24th, we will bring you to Thursday’s event.

Expenses Covered: From the morning of the 22nd through the evening of the 24th.

Details: On this tour, we will primarily focus on the wines of Haro, including, but exclusive to, Muga, Roda and CVNE. Our goal on this trip is to have a comprehensive understanding of what makes this particular zone unique, and its wines legendary. Haro is a town and municipality in the northwest of La Rioja province in northern Spain, known not only for its emblematic wineries, but also for the annual Haro Wine Festival and historical architecture. It’s other claim to fame is that it was the first town in Spain to have electric street lighting.

TRIP 2: Porto, Vinho Verde and Douro Valley, Portugal

Date: October 21 – 23

Number of Places: 15

Flights: Participants are responsible for arriving to Porto prior to 11am on the 21st of October where you will meetup with the organizers, GreenGrape, for lunch. However, it is our suggestion to arrive at least a day ahead of time to explore Porto. It’s absolutely worth it, as the city is stunning! On the 23rd, you will driven to Rioja for the conference.

Expenses Covered: From lunch on the 21st to your drop-off at the HUSA Hotel in Logrono on the 23rd.

Details: The trip has been designed to give you a brief, yet exciting, look at Porto, Vinho Verde and the Douro Valley. You will visit a handful of wineries in each of these areas, enjoy vast amounts of regional cuisine, dive into the historical aspect that has made the Douro Valley the first demarcated wine region in the world, and stunning scenery that is wildly diverse from one region to the next. Complete itinerary will be posted in September.

TRIP 3: Priorat & Montsant, Spain

Date: October 20 – 23

Number of Places: 16 (this may increase depending on participant interest)

Flights: Participants are responsible for arriving to Barcelona prior to 10am on the 20th of October. At a designated time and meeting point, you will then be taken to the Priorat and Montsant regions. On the 23rd, you will be driven to Rioja and dropped off at the HUSA Hotel.

Expenses Covered: From the morning of the 20th to your drop-off at the HUSA Hotel in Logrono on the 23rd.

Details: This is a very rare opportunity to have a comprehensive understanding of both the Priorat and Montsant. For those of you who enjoy to geek out on wine, this is the trip for you. It will be very wine focused and include tastings of: biodynamic wines, white priorat, historical vintages, sweet wines, vermouth and vi ranci, as well as a crossover tasting between Priorat and Montsant. Beyond enjoying the height of the harvest, your visit might also include a tour of both Scala Dei and Siurana, as well as a visit to a micro-distillery. Complete itinerary will be posted in September.

REGISTER HERE: http://ewbc.vrazon.com/ewbc-2013-press-trip-application/

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  • Ewan Murray

    Hi there – any idea when the post-event trips will be alive & kicking? :)

    • Sara

      Hello Ewan! This year, there are only pre trips. After the conference days, we’ll have the Sunday Vineyard trips, as usual. Thanks and see you in Rioja.