Over the years, it has come to our attention that some of our participants don’t feel 100% confident speaking in English, which is entirely understandable if it’s not your first language. Therefore, per the suggestion of Ms. Anne-Victoire Monrozier, we’ve decided to implement a team of EWBC Language Ambassadors.

These very kind souls have volunteered to lend a helping hand to anyone who may need a little clarification about any given detail about the EWBC in their native tongue. Please don’t hesitate to contact them!

Granted, we’ve pinpointed the languages that people have requested additional support, but if you feel that we’re lacking a language, or if you wish to volunteer as a language ambassador for your language, let us know!

Current List of Language Ambassadors

Italian Language Ambassador
Elizabetta Tosi is not only a well known Italian journalist, but she has been invaluable in helping us make the EWBC in Italy a success this year. We’re very grateful for all of her support.

Veronese, wine journalist & wine blogger, #Valpolicellawines tutor, mi occupo di consulenza e formazione delle aziende all’uso dei nuovi media. Insieme a Giampiero Nadali ho fondato il brand di consulenza Fermenti Digitali e sono partner della società Proposta. Autrice di molti libri sul vino, collaboro con magazine nazionali del settore vitivinicolo e sono corrispondente dall’Italia di alcune testate estere. Sono l’unica giornalista italiana ad avere partecipato all’EWBC fin dalla sua prima edizione: perciò se avete curiosità o domande in merito, chiedete pure! Twitter: @vinopigro, lizzytosi@gmail.com

Spanish Language Ambassador
Though Onneca Guelbenzu lives in Switzerland, her rockstar upbringing was in Spain. A blogger, sommelier, enologist, viticulturist and an amazing singer, Onne generously offered her Spanish skills for anyone who may need it.

Onneca Guelbenzu lleva vino tinto en la sangre por parte de familia, es Licenciada en Derecho, Sommelier, Master en Enología, Viticultura y Marketing del Vino y también estudia el Diploma del Wset en Londres. Además es rockera y música, donde cuenta con seis discos editados y giras internacionales a las espaldas. También fundadora de winedefender.org, un blog en defensa del vino y la música. Ahora recién afincada en Ginebra después de vivir 8 años en Barcelona. Actualmente brand manager de 4kilos.com para Alemania, de Cavas Gramona en Suiza y colaborando en exportación con la bodega familiar: Bodegadeljardin.es. Twitter: @winedefenders Email: onne@winedefender.org

German Language Ambassador
If the day comes that Thomas Lippert cannot join us at the EWBC, we may have the shut down the conference all together. A winemaker and blogger, Thomas has been with us since day 1, becoming a pillar of support for the EWBC, not to mention a great German language teacher!

Ausgebildeter Weinküfer, Kellermeister sowie Techniker für Weinbau und Kellerwirtschaft, arbeitete in verschiedenen Betrieben und Positionen, z. a. drei Jahre als Winemaker in Südafrika. Seit 1999 tätig als Kellermeister im Heidelberger Weingut Clauer. Seit 2003 im Internet aktiv als Blogger auf 25cl.de und Winzerblog.de. Daneben Initiierung und Beteiligung in Gemeinschaftsprojekten wie Genussblogs.net und dem Vinocamp Deutschland. Ich bin der Europäischen Weinbloggerkonferenz vom ersten Tage an verbunden und freue mich darauf, die Konferenz in Franciacorta 2011 als “Language Ambassador” für Deutschland unterstützen zu dürfen. Twitter: @winzerblog Email: winzerblog@googlemail.com

French Language Ambassador
Anne-Victoire Monrozier needs no introduction. Her sassy “cool” t-shirts and little rubber ducky have found their way to every corner of the planet. A winemaker, event organizer and blogger, we’re honored to have Miss Vicky as our French Ambassador throughout the EWBC!

Bonjour, je m’appelle Anne-Victoire mais on me connaît mieux sous le nom de Miss Vicky Wine - c’est aussi le nom donné à mon blog et à mes deux vins. Je pars souvent à l’aventure, mais ce que je préfère c’est retourner à Fleurie, dans le beaujolais, où ma famille fait du vin. Je suis aussi la co-organisatrice des Vinocamps, ces rencontres autour du vin et de l’Internet qui, comme la EWBC, aident au développement de la communauté Vin 2.0. Si vous avez des questions pour préparer votre voyage en Italie ou sur la EWBC, n’hésitez pas à me contacter ! justforyou@missvickywine.com ou @vickywine sur Twitter. A bientôt !

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  • Brett Jones

    Such a good idea. Bravo Miss Vicky! I will of course be delighted to help any native and natural English speakers in any way I can (eg syntax, glottal stops etc)…
    Seriously though I can also help French speakers.

  • Jim Budd

    Brett. Delighted to see that you are now the Official EWBC Estuary English Ambassador. Like you happy to offer help with translating from English to French and vice versa.

  • http://dobianchi.com/ Jeremy Parzen

    very psyched to finally meet Lizzy! :)

  • Sasha grey

    Can I make a suggestion? I think youve bought something good here. However what in case you added a couple links to a page that backs up what youre saying? Or maybe you would give us one thing to look at, one thing that will join what youre saying to one thing tangible? Only a suggestion. Anyway, in my language, there usually are not much good supply like this.    

  • http://twitter.com/marcroisin marc roisin

    What about translating this post ?

    • http://twitter.com/VickyWine Anne-Victoire JM

      I'm about to do a general transaltion of all what's going on, funny that meanwhile I just ran into your comment. Will do so mister !

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