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Creative Social Media strategies for Publishers

Time: 15:00-15:30
Who is leading the wine publishing industry with the most creative social strategies and why? What can you learn from the market leaders, what will give you the edge using creativity, strategy and technology to create commercial value for your business.

The Basics of Social Media

Time 15:00 – 15:30
What is social media, why is it important to my business. How do I use it to help increase awareness of my brand online? With over 500 million Facebook users and 150 million Twitter users, we help you understand the basics behind the fastest online growing communications medium.

How Audio and Video can Transform your Blog

Time: 15:00-15:30
Learn the basics of creating podcasts and video for your blog, using tools such as AudioBoo, iMovie and iTunes – the tools, the techniques and the technology.

How to develop a global online community for your personal brand

Time: 15:40- 16:10
Learn how to use social technologies such Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Blogs to build, grow and create a sustainable online community for your business.

How creating compelling content will help grow your blog community

Time: 15:40-16:10
Learn to create successful, interesting blog content, develop a loyal readership, as well as learning some of the methods to get your blog noticed.

What is social media monitoring and why is it important to help me understand what customers are saying about my business

Time: 15:40-16:10
Are you following online conversations about your brand? Do you know what people are saying about your product? If you’re not listening to the conversations you may be missing out, and your competitor may very well be. Learn the basics of social media monitoring and the technology behind it.

How to track and measure all your social media activity?

Time: 16:20-16:50
Ever wondered who clicks on your links, how many times they return, where they came from? Learn how to use tools such link trackers, google analytics, tweetreach and facebook insights to really understand your audience and their behaviour.

Sharing through Twitter, Facebook and other social networks

Time: 16:20-16:50
Find out how you can distribute your content into social networks easily to increase readers to your blog. Learn how to use tools such as twitterfeed to automatically publish your content into Twitter and effectively use Facebook to publish to fan pages or Flickr and YouTube for sharing visual content.

Gadgets & technology: iPhone, Ustream, QIK, Twitterific, Tweetdeck, Google Alerts etc

Time: 16:20-16:50
A quick fire session on some of the more popular social media technologies that can help you make your blog more interesting, help grow your audience or track your activity online. Looking at Ustream, QIK, iPhone, Graphedge, LiveFyre, Disqus. This will help you develop smarter strategies to grow your blog and community


Freedoms, Rights and Responsibilities

Time: Saturday 9:00
Moderator: Robert McIntosh of The Wine Conversation

We will discuss the influence wine communicators have had upon the consumer, and how best to encourage the creative exploration of wine for the benefit of all. This discussion will draw on the practical experiences of the Wine in Moderation campaign, the future impact of EU regulations on online wine communication, as well as Ken Payton discussing ethical issues that come from being a “citizen wine critic”.

Webinars and Wine Communications

Time: Saturday 9:00
Moderator: Damien Wilson

How online software is changing how we communicate with wineries and wine professionals. The Burgundy Business School’s Institute of Wine Management has embraced the online webinar as a teaching tool for their students, and they are going to show us live how education online can take place in the 21st century.

Additionally the question of the press trip will be raised as to what can be done to either help enrich the experience, or sometimes to eliminate it all together.

Creative Commons

Time: Saturday 10:15
Moderator: Ryan Opaz, Co-Founder of

The idea of paid content is changing. Can you really make money giving away your content?

In a time when major publishers’ paywall experiments appear to be failing, and as the volume of free content grows, can cooperation improve the quality of material available whilst creating new business models?

This session will look at the alternatives to subscription models, including Content Licensing, and the Creative Commons. When is Free not really free, and how can you protect yourself?

Online Wine Commerce

Time: Saturday 10:15
Moderator: Julia Sevenich, Wine Publicists and Author of Uncorked in the Alps

The growing number, and influence, of bloggers and online wine lovers is changing how we buy and sell wine. What does this mean for how we create and use content? What does it mean for the wine business? What new opportunities are there for wine retailers and consumers?

Publishing Platforms

Time: Saturday 15:00
Moderator: Robert McIntosh of The Wine Conversation

If there is to be lots more good content, and it is to be shared more widely, what are the platforms to consider, and how can you ensure your content is included?

Experts in the field will examine what platforms to keep an eye on and look at some examples of this already in action.

Generics Reaching Out

Time: Saturday 15:00
Moderator: Charles Metcalfe, Wine Critic, Author of “The Wine and Food Lover’s Guide to Portugal” and Wine Blogger

Wine groups, such as sales & marketing associations, regional boards or generic wine marketing bodies, have an important role to play online, offering their members support, expertise and joint marketing budgets. How are these bodies approaching social media today, and what more could they be doing to support their members and their target audience – wine buyers and content creators? What budgets are available, and how should they be being spent?

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